16 December 2017 | Tickets R330


The Queen of South African Rock graces our stage.


Karen Zoid has been a crucial part of the South African music scene for over the past 15 years,  her name is fast becoming the byword for emotionally charged, downright incendiary South African rock music.


The press has even named her followers, the “Zoid Generation” Zoid secures an audience of both English and Afrikaans speakers, all the while retaining her individuality and desire for sameness. She has held onto an enviable integrity that allows her to speak her mind in a way that only earns her more devotees and proved no barriers. Zoid has earned various accolades (including gold album sales) but says that what continues to drive her is a deep-seated desire to create music that she can get up on stage and play live. "When I was in that all-girl punk band or busking or when I am playing to a huge crowd, the feeling I get from delivering my music is still the same - and that's why I do this. All the stuff that goes around making an album - the promo, the interviews, making videos, the artwork … that's work. Playing live? That's what I love."


Zoid recently released a brand new Afrikaans album titled Op Die Oomblik – Deel Een, available on iTunes and found in stores. Zoid's super-charged rock energy is an ability to write gorgeous, delicately rendered songs that speak of the emotional vortex that drives this exceptional artist to keep creating, all the while continuously capturing the attention of TV and stage audiences.