The Hope@PaulCluver initiative has only been made possible by the consistent generosity of our partners Paul Cluver Wines and BASA (Business Arts South Africa) who recognise the benefits of using their assets as leverage and investing in organisations that address local needs at a grass-roots level. Their long-term partnership enables the sustainability of this project, and their support of Thembalitsha via Hope@PaulCluver enables us to maximise their investment for the good of the needy in the Elgin/Grabouw community. We are extremely grateful to Paul Cluver Wines as well as other local organisations who support these events.


Hope@PaulCluver has previously been generously supported by Appletiser as well as by grants from the Department of Arts and Culture and BASA (Business Arts South Africa). This additonal support has allowed us to make our programming stronger and more diverse while also allowing more people to experience an enchanting event at the Paul Cluver Amphitheatre.



Hope@PaulCluver was birthed in 2013 after Paul Cluver Wines witnessed the work of Thembalitsha Foundation in the local community surrounding Elgin. They wanted to do something further to support our work and saw the programming of the amphitheatre - which they had been successfully running for over a decade - as an ideal opportunity to help get the word out about Thembalitsha while helping us raise funds to transform lives in our community.




The Paul Cluver forest amphitheatre is the only venue of its kind in the Western Cape. Beautifully built into the natural landscape surrounded by towering eucalyptus trees, the intimate space provides one of the most unique experiences of a live performance you can have anywhere on earth. The amphitheatre has a maximum capacity of 600, ensuring the the entire audience has access to a golden circle ticket at general admission costs.

‘Paul Cluver Wines is proud to dedicate the amphitheatre not only to artists but also to the support and development of the community by supporting Thembalitsha. We are honoured to be able to partner with such amazing people who give so selflessly to make a difference in the Elgin community.’

 -Paul Cluver, Managing Director of Paul Cluver Wines


Use your influence to make a difference!


We are out to put Hope@PaulCluver on the global map! We want to attract high quality local and international artists to the venue which, as a result, will create jobs by bringing more tourism to the local area, be a great addition to the arts in South Africa and make more people aware of Thembalitsha and the people we serve - enabling us to continue and grow our work.


For this we need a lot of clout! We are always on the look out for more companies and organisations to work with us on the Hope@PaulCluver initiative. If you are like-minded and want to join us, we would love to hear from you.


The areas we need support in are diverse: Perhaps you can supply flights or other travel services to get artists to the venue, perhaps you can help with marketing and PR to get the word out about the events, perhaps Bono is your best friend and on speed dial on your cell phone. Even as basic as mentioning or sharing our events on social media platforms is helpful.


The list is endless!

To find out more about how you can get involved, email: communications@hope.org.za

‘I am so excited about Hope@PaulCluver. I see this collaboration as an opportunity to inspire others to maximise their areas of influence in order to make a difference in our community.’


-Frank Christie, Founder of Thembalitsha Foundation