At Thembalitsha, we are honouring all special women this Mother's Day! 


When you purchase a Mother's Day eCard, you not only employ South African women to make a baby blanket, but this warm baby blanket will be sent home with a new mom and baby from the hospital.

This Mother's Day our goal is to provide 400 blankets and employ 2 women by raising $2000 / R31,000. 

Purchase a Mother's Day Gift eCard for $5 / R50 each. We are able to send the eCard with your personalized message to whomever you wish! Please provide those details when prompted at the donation checkout. 

We are excited about the wonderful collaboration with local artist, Ali Melck. Each eCard has been specially created to highlight aspects of South African culture this Mother's Day.

To see more of Ali's work, visit:

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$5 / R50

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$5 / R50

Card Option #3

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$5 / R50

Card Option #4

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$5 / R50

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"The most powerful donation I make throughout the year is the card that is sent to honor a mother, a sister, a friend, is a donation that offers financial support for women in the lens of dignity for an honest days' work;

it offers mothers a bit of comfort and relief knowing their new born is welcomed with handmade warmth, and each new baby to be swaddled during their first days on earth with generations of love, female strength and hope.

Equally important, the card is an opportunity for women to care and pray for women across the globe.

The gift reaches five hearts - the card giver, the card recipient, the blanket creator, the mother who receives the blanket and the precious new baby. Simply put - this card is pure love in action. "

-Kelli D, supporter

*If you wish for us to send an eCard to someone, please write their name and email in the "question" section at the checkout and we will do so!*

Message on each email to eCard recipient:

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